About us

Quality at all prices since 1970…. and still with current trends!!

Welcome to our new website! You will find a wealth of information detailed with great care and frequently actualized. Our precious travelers will always find our brochures available through most of agencies in Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes. With this new website, we would like to offer to our English speaking clients across Canada our destinations.

Our history

For the past 46 years Tours Chanteclerc has offered the world to its clientele and has maintained its theme of quality with its products and services mostly in the province of Quebec but also in Ontario and Maritimes. With our first English brochure strictly dedicated to Tahiti and her Islands, we now reach passengers from all over Canada. Tours Chanteclerc offers motorcoach tours in North America, air and land packages to Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, South Pacific and a wide range of cruises. All prepared by our more than fifty permanent employees who know your tastes and expectations.