Conditions of use

Welcome to Tours Chanteclerc web site and his members conscript “TC” for purposes of opportunities of reading. You will find below our “Terms and Conditions” which establish a contract between TC and you regarding access and use of this site. We invite you to read carefully the conditions. By navigating or by using this site, you agree to the present conditions. If you do not wish to accept those conditions of use, we ask you to stop navigating this site. TC reserves the right to end in the conditions of use and/or your right of use of the site, at any time, without motive or advance notice and with his entire discretion. TC also reserves the right to practice, if necessary, all the available appeals by virtue of the law, in case of infraction.


For the purposes of using this site, you guarantee and represent that:

  1. You are at least eighteen years old and that you will assure the supervision of every minor person or any third which use your computer or electronic device and\or your name or your account to reach this site;
  2. You have the legal capacity to contract and you will honor financial commitments bound to the purchase of services of journeys on the site;
  3. You will use the site according to conditions of use;
  4. You will use the site only to make the purchase of services of journeys for you or for thirds which duly authorized you in these purposes;
  5. All the information supplied to TC by means of the site with regard to you and any third, including any personal piece of information, are true, exact and complete and you have the authority or you obtained the consent of third to enter, modify, add and delete this information on the site.



All the texts, the images, the photos, the information, the audio clips, the video clips, the software and the codes available on the site, including the presentation of the Contents and the customer Contents (defined below) (the “Contents”), are protected by the Canadian and foreign laws, in particular regarding copyright and belong to TC or to his affiliated companies or to thirds having granted him a license. TC grants you a not exclusive and not transferable license to use and to show the site and its contents on your computer or quite different electronic device only for personal and non-commercial use, and of reproduction, in a copy, for the purposes of saving or of copy on paper, if you did not modify the Contents and if you preserve the notices of copyright. The modification, the reproduction, the distribution, the transmission, the representation, the networking, the marketing, the publication, the allocation of license, the public execution, the download, the creation of derived works, the display on the Internet, the sale or any exploitation of the site and its Contents are forbidden. All the integrated software in this site or which are there, including, the set of files and\or images contained or generated by these software is copyrighted and can be protected by other rights. All these software belong to TC, to his affiliated companies or to third parties having granted him a license.


It is forbidden:

  1. To use, to reproduce, to modify, to adapt, to translate, to download or to transmit the software altogether or partially;
  2. To sell, to rent, to grant a license or to transfer the software or to allow besides the access there;
  3. To modify, to remove or to cover some trademark or notice of property included in the software; and/or
  4. To decompile, to dismantle, to decipher, to extract or to bone the site and their components, including, in particular, the software or to help whoever to make it. You recognize that you detain no right, title, interest or license in integrated software in the site or being able to be downloaded by the site.



Certain parts of the site require a recording. If you opt to record in this part of the site, you undertake to supply with the sincere information and up to date on your subject, such as required by the process of recording and to update this information quickly to assure that she remains exact and completes. You recognize that you are responsible

  1. To maintain the confidentiality of the passwords which you choose or who are assigned to you further to your recording;
  2. Of any activity who takes place under your user name or under your password; and
  3. To log out of your account at the end of every session.


Furthermore, you undertake you to inform TC of any unauthorized use of your user name or your password. In case you would be lacking to respect the obligations expressed in the present article, TC will not be responsible for losses or for damage by ensuing.



The site offers you functions which allow you to subject to TC messages, comments, data, texts, software, music, sounds, photos, images, videos and other materials (“Contained customer”) and to interact with TC, his employees and representatives and other user of the site.


When you subject your customer Contents to TC for display on the site, you grant him an unlimited, irrevocable, not exclusive, perpetual world license and for free: i) of use, reproduction, storage, adaptation, translation, modification, creation of derived works, transmission, distribution, public execution or putting at disposition of the public of your customer Contents whatever end it is; and ii) one under license in thirds having access to the site of the unlimited right to exercise one or the other of the aforesaid rights.


Besides the concession of the above-mentioned license by the present, you

  1. Agree to give up all the moral rights in the customer Contents in favor of TC;
  2. Agree to the fact that your names, addresses and e-mails appear for your customer Contents, where necessary, as well as in the disclosure and/or in the posting of this information;
  3. Recognize and suit that TC could not be held responsible for some loss, corruption or damage in your customer Contents; and
  4. Recognize and suit that the customer Contents which you transmit for the purposes of posting on the site or what you submit to TC will be considered as confidential. Besides, TC will have the right, without being kept there, to use, without paying(pouring) any compensation, any idea, any concept, quite know-how revealed in the customer Contents, whatever end it is, in particular to develop and market new services(departments).


By submitting your customer Contents to TC you represent to him) and guarantee that:

  1. Your customer Contents are original;
  2. That the customer Contents violate no intellectual property right;
  3. You are the only holder of all the intellectual property rights on the customer Contents or, where necessary, you obtained the written permission of the holder to submit the customer Contents;
  4. The customer Contents contain no slanderous subject, no obscenity and violates the right of a third party for the private life and or for the image.



The site contains hyperlinks towards third sites which make you leave the site and which do not belong to TC. TC supplies these hyperlinks for your convenience. The third sites are not under the control of TC and the hyperlinks cannot be interpreted as an approval or an endorsement of their contents by TC. TC is not responsible for the contents of the third sites, for links that they contain nor changes or updates which are brought to them and TC offers no guarantee to their subject.



The site and its Contents are supplied “as they stand”. You use the site at your own risks. TC makes no representation or guaranteed as for the site and for its Contents, including, in particular, quant guarantees

  1. In the marketable quality, in the adaptation for a particular usage of the Contents or in the non-violation of intellectual property rights;
  2. In the functioning of the site in a security way and continuously, nor error;
  3. In the fact that the use of the site will satisfy your needs and your expectations;
  4. In the accuracy, in the exhaustiveness, in the reliability or in the relevance of the site and its Contents;
  5. In the correction of the defects or the errors in the site;
  6. In the absence of virus or harmful elements in the site.


TC, his affiliated societies and their administrators, employees, representatives can be held responsible for events, for damage of all kinds, indirect, special either secondary, resultant directly or indirectly of the use or the performance of the site or the contents being or of quite different site which you can reach by the site.

TC, his affiliated societies and their administrators, employees, representatives disclaim all liability for acts, omissions or conduct of every third user of the site and every announcer or sponsor of the site (” third users “) and can be held responsible on no account for any damage, loss, damage (including, in particular, the special, indirect damage or secondary or freshly ensuing in some way; and i) acts, omissions or conduct of a third user; and ii) of the use or the incapacity to use no anything, software, contained or services of a site or offered through another site connected to the site.



You agree to hold TC, his affiliated companies and their administrators, employees, representatives, holders of license or their successors and unhurt respective legal successors and to side with them as for all the complaints, the requests, the responsibilities, the expenses or the expenses of some nature, including, in particular, fees and paid out legal resulting directly or indirectly:

  1. Of the violation by you of the Conditions of use;
  2. Of your navigation, use or incapacity to navigate on or to use the site or any site to which the site is or can be occasionally connected;
  3. Of your use of the publications, the communications, the distributions or the downloads of some nature through the site, or because you trusted these; and/or
  4. Of the violation by you of the legislation or the applicable regulations.



In case you buy services of journeys on the site, you have to pass on complete and exact personal information. TC, in his/her entire discretion, reserves the right at any time after the reception of your reservation, to accept him or to refuse her. You recognize that the price of the services of journeys posted on this site can change without opinion and that the services of journeys are offered according to the availability at the time of their purchase. TC reserves the right to modify without advance notice the prices of the services of journeys offered to correct them, in particular further to an IT error or further to an erroneous entrance of data, and refuse, correct or cancel a reservation or the purchase of services of journey at an erroneous price by a user of this site without any responsibility from him/her. Your purchase of services of journeys on this site is governed by the general conditions of TC which are expressed there as well as by the applicable rate of the airline company delivering the air service.



The politics concerning the private life (see Political section of confidentiality) (the “Politics concerning the private life”) is an integral part of these conditions of use. Other names, words, titles, sentences, logos, drawings, graphs, icons and trademarks posted on the site can establish trademarks, put down or not, TC or third or used under license by TC. It is forbidden to use some trademark appearing on the present site without the written authorization of TC or the holder of the rights on this trademark.



Your use of the site and Conditions of use are governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and the laws of Canada, without respect in the principles of conflict of laws. You recognize by present that any dispute concerning your use of the site or in the conditions of use will be submitted to the competence of the courts of the district of Montreal, province of Quebec.



The present Conditions of use and the Policy relative to the protection of the private life constitute the entire agreement intervened between you and TC and cannot be sold or transferred. The defect by TC to practice or to ask for the application of any right recognized by Conditions of use and the Policy relative to the protection of the private life could not constitute a renunciation of this right or this measure. The fact that one of Conditions of use is declared no valid or otherwise unsuccessful by a competent court influences not at all the other measures of the present.